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There are images which have changed the world and the way we see it.

100 photographers and infinite visions of a universal language

Photography is the main tool of change and development of visual culture. It is photography that influences today’s design, fashion, commerce and history.


The books in the series VISUAL CULTURE are published and updated every year. Every edition includes new selected authors.
Using modern design approaches and the latest printing technologies, we produce high quality books for a better user experience.

The book of 300 pages is printed in color on Certified FSC paper, translated in 2 languages, is published in Italy and distributed in 26 different countries.
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Vincenzo Pipitone / Italy

Philipp Romer / Germany



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New edition

16 Feb. - 5 March 2023

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia


This exhibition take shape from the current edition of the book, dedicated to photographers from all over the world selected as participants of the project. For this reason was chosen the most influent International Center of Photography.

Founded by Letizia Battaglia, a historic Palermo photojournalist, the International Center of Photography offers photographic exhibitions and video projections of important national and international artists.

A multifunctional space of 600 square meters, divided into several exhibition rooms which, in addition to exhibitions, host workshops, projects and events that follow one another at a fast pace, involving protagonists of the national and international scene.

The Center therefore proposes itself as a dynamic cultural reality, in which different experiences and knowledge can act in harmony, in which different artistic disciplines can relate to the photographic action, such as poetry, music, dance, theater and the visual arts.




Musa International


Città di Palermo

logo _ comune di palermo_ NUOVO

Assessorato alla Cultura

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Ass. Stupendamente


There are images
which have changed
the world and the way we see it.


Photography is capable of recording the events, making them important and depicting the reality with the most realistic tool ever, that plus the human creativity, the experience and the special eye of who is behind the camera, the result will be “unique”.

Giovanni Serradifalco



We human beings are but narrative people.
What motivates us is the constant need to leave our own mark, an unfading track that goes beyond the human life.

Laura Francesca Di Trapani

Art Curator


The city represents the union of memory and stay. As human product it is the depositary of values and individuality. Architecture is the means by which we build the history.

Enrico Anello



The photography turns into digital art to be collected, also through the Cripto Digital Art. It is embedded with the concept of Visual Culture, it marks the technology innovation of our present days since the computer revolution.

Natalia Gryniuk

Director of Musa International


Conceptual photographers go through two stages in the birth of their creativity: first they need to see themselves in the world, then they urge to see the world in themselves.

Lika Spivakovska

Art Gallerist

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